The Rest of the Story

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Duration 4 Weeks

Sunday School taught us the Bible stories we all grew up with, but not always the whole story. In this sermon series, we’ll reexamine familiar stories from the Bible; those Bible stories that you know so well. Or do you?

Week 1 • David and Goliath

Goliath never had a chance. David may not have been aware of all the advantages he had going into the battle, but God did. David’s faith was a stacked deck in his favor.

1 Samuel 17: 4-8, 32-35, 38-40, 48-49 (NLT); Mark 15: 42-47 (NIV)

Week 2 • Jonah

God’s will WILL be done. Neither Jew nor Greek—there are examples of intense racism in the Bible. But God loves all His creation, even those whom everyone thinks unlovable.

Jonah 1:1-3 (NIV); Matthew 20:1-14 (NLT); 20:15 (NIV)

Week 3 • The Lord’s Supper
Week 4 • Ten Commandments

Not about rules. The 10 commandments are mounted in Government halls and memorized the world over. We all know about the “Thou shall nots,” but we’ll learn that the first laws given are more than they rule our relationship with God Above All Gods.

Exodus 20: 1-7 (NIV); Romans 7:7-12 (NIV); Mark 10:17-27 (NIV)