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We're Glad You're Here!

Staff Contact: Kathy Hofmann or Mary Parker

Whether you are a guest at Christ Lutheran or a brand new member, we are so glad you are here! At CLC and all of our campuses, one of our main goals as a church is to Find Community. You have found a community of believers at Christ Lutheran Church. Through each and every one of our ministries, we foster that sense of community by offering an array of Adult Sunday Classes, Weekly Bible Studies, Small Groups, Serving & Volunteer opportunities and of course plenty of congregational fellowship events (even the occasional concert).

Check out the 'Helpful Links' below for current class schedules, serving opportunities and available Small Groups to join. If you're considering becoming a member, fill out our Guest Information Online Form or send us an email with any questions.



There is something profoundly overwhelming about not knowing what to do next. You've visited one of our campuses, you enjoyed your experience, but you're having a hard time truly getting connected. Listen: we don't want you to slip through the cracks. If you have a question you need answered (but can't find it here), please don't hesitate to contact us; we are HAPPY to help point you in the right direction. Here are some insider tips to help you stay connected at Christ Lutheran Church:

Helpful Links