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With boldness, we GO FORWARD!

With boldness, we GO FORWARD!

- June 29, 2020

We are moving! Where? FORWARD! With Church Council approval, we are now in the stage of learning the scope and abilities of what our phase 1 project on the Christ South Land will look like, what it will take to get it done, and a timeline for completion. It’s an exciting time for the congregation as we see the Christ Lutheran boldness and Gospel courage made manifest!

TOWN halls are HAPPENING! Not just happening as in they are occurring, but if this past Town Hall meeting was any indication, there is a TON of excitement and support for this next Christ South move! Our next one is July 7th. I hope you’ll jump on the Zoom call!

So, what’s it really all about? Think hub in the middle of the wheel. The hub is where it all starts. It’s the connection to the larger vehicle, but also stretches out to the ground with all kinds of spokes that help move us forward. This building will act as a hub for all the ministries of Christ South, but also will give us an opportunity to meet the community in lots of different ways - especially as the church will have to change and shift post-COVID. This hub will be the beginning of a great vision for moving the church forward through sustainable sources.

WHY not just make a worship space? Great question. Well, that’s not EVER what we set out to do here at CLC. We have never just been about the worship gathering. We are in the business of sending, not just gathering. And making disciples is what Christ commanded us to do. We are a people sent to the world with a gospel message of hope, and we get to do it in some brand-new ways. We will be piloting and testing several ideas with our Old Dairy Farm. We want to be a place that can encounter the community beyond Sunday morning in ways and places they want to be encountered. It’s a very new idea on how to be a community in the community. It strengthens our reach, sustainable community and helps as we seek new sources of revenue for the church of the future.

Why do we need a new model? GREAT question again! You guys are so awesome. Here we go:  MATH. Every week you have 10080 minutes available to you. For “regular” church goers that means you spend about 70 minutes on average at church. That’s .0069%. YUP. That’s a crazy small amount of your week! BUT that assumes that you go to church EVERY week. Which isn’t the case. “Regular” church goers, as we have found out, go to church 1/3 of the month. 1.5 out of 4.5 Sundays. WOW. So…. MATH. What that means is regular church goers only spend on average .0023% of their time in church. That’s crazy isn’t it? NO business model anywhere would put 90% of their resources, like most of the church currently does, into such a small percent of a person’s time. And the truth is, this is ONLY a fact for those who call themselves regular church goers…let that sink in.

What does that mean for us? That means that the field is ripe and READY, FLUSH with opportunity for growth and work for the gospel. We have the ability to encounter the community in some awesome new ways. Because that hub will operate with lots of portals of entry, it won’t look a lot like a church - not that our South campus has ever looked like a church. Rather, it will look more like a community building and will be labeled Old Dairy Farm in fitting with our multi-use look and feel. Yes, of course, on Sundays, it’ll say Christ South, not to worry! People that are looking for community and relationship throughout the week will always be greeted with the welcome that is so genuine and prevalent at South, and all our campuses!

SO… JOIN us for the next town hall! We can answer your questions and you might just get a little sneak peek! Wahoo! In the meantime, email me or Pastor Scott with any questions, concerns or joys!

Acts 4:31 After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

Lord, God of creation and boldness, encourage us to be lights shining in the darkness, a community for the lost, and the hands and feet of Jesus. In the name of your Son, our Lord, we pray! Amen!