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Why even have Church?

Why even have Church?

Pastor Ryan - December 6, 2021

Really can’t we just talk to God at our homes and be done? Isn’t it in the bible somewhere that God is with us, even in our homes? And if God is with us at restaurants and golf courses and couches then why bother with going to this building every week?

There is nothing wrong with the above thoughts. Theologically speaking no one is going to call you a heretic and burn you at the stake. But, church is more than a building. Church isn’t a choice. It’s a lifestyle. This church stuff is more than what we get out of it. That’s kind of the “thing” about church. If our relationship with God is based on what works best for us then who’s really the most important person in that relationship? Worship’s primary function is to show God that He comes first.

But wait there’s more.

As we worship, we connect to God’s people, the Church. We develop relationships and get to know people, and people get to know us. Being there for others and having others there for us IS church. One of the ways to measure a church’s vitality is not how many people show up on a Sunday but how we show up for each other.

Have you ever gone to church when you didn’t want to? C’mon you have. You went because of the kids, or even just out of habit. And then after worship, after seeing people, after hearing a song you liked, or hearing the Word of God you felt better. Now, that’s not the point of worship but it’s a reality. We are people-people. God is a people-God. When we stay home, or miss a Sunday, we’re not connecting to “our” people, the people God has given to us and the people we have been given to.

Church is not just worshiping God. It is that, to be sure; but Church is also getting God into you. It’s the difference between knowing about God and knowing God. You have an important role in God’s great plan and it starts at Church, where you are loved and love. Where you know people, and everybody knows your name. Cheers!