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Where You At?

Where You At?

Pastor Ryan - January 15, 2023

I know there are some who would wrinkle their nose at using a preposition at the end of a sentence. I, for one, love this American phrasing. It says all I want and doesn't bring any other baggage. ‘Where you at’ asks where you are; I want to know because I care about you. There are other ways of expressing the same sentiment, but when I hear this version, I know immediately: I am dealing with an American.

God uses similar words when dealing with us. After Adam ate from the forbidden fruit, he and Eve hid themselves. God calls out to them. In English we translate the question “where are you” but in Hebrew that phrase is just one word (ayekah– איכה). It is better translated not “where are you” but rather, “I am seeking you.” It is active. God is seeking. God is looking. God is wanting to reach out to us and find us. So often we use language like “I found Jesus.” And what we mean is that we have found the value of a relationship with Christ. But the reality is that God has been searching for us.

We are so loved by God that He seeks us out. He wants to forgive us. God wants a relationship with us so badly that he sent His Son to die. For us! We can see, from the very beginning, God's love. God knew where Adam and Eve were the whole time. He wasn’t asking because He didn’t know. He was asking so we would know we are loved. Always have been. Always will be. Before we were worthy and while we were still yet sinners.

The way God speaks is different from everything else we encounter. It's easy to expect it or to dismiss it, especially if you’ve been raised in it. It can feel overly familiar. But it’s worth reminding ourselves: whenever we can’t find God it’s because we are the ones hiding.