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What do you want from me?

What do you want from me?

Pastor Ryan - March 4, 2024

Jesus asks this question twice, in the same chapter of Mark 10.


“What do you want from me?” How would you answer that? I think I know how I would answer, or at least how I think I would answer. I would like to think that if Jesus asked what He can do for me I wouldn’t have a request. To see Christ is enough. To lay eyes on the LORD Jesus is all I would need. I would like to believe that, like the blind man, all I would want is to see my savior.


The first time he gives this response it is from the asking of James and John, the sons of Zebedee. The second time it is because of a blind beggar, Bartimaeus. Both of these instances are people asking Jesus from their desires, but they are vastly different questions. What is more, Jesus’ response is so open ended it is frightening. 


Bartimaeus wanted to see again. 


James and John asked poorly. They ask Jesus to further their personal aspirations. They saw Jesus as the next King, literally. He was going to overthrow Roman oppression and they wanted to make sure, as part of the start-up team, they got their rightful seat of power, the seat to the right of the King. They knew Jesus was the Christ, and they wanted to use Him for their purposes. They wanted to set themselves up. 


The difference between the blind man and the brothers at first doesn’t seem that different. They both sought their well-being, but they are actually worlds apart. The Brothers wanted independence. They wanted Jesus to give them the power and authority to not have to be subject to anyone else, except maybe Jesus himself. The Blind man stepped into a world that was totally dependent on Jesus. The blindman had nothing and then after meeting Jesus received the very gift he needed to live. The blind man can literally see his dependence of Jesus Christ. 


Our walk with Jesus is to be marked by spiritual growth. That growth, broadly, is to look more and more like Christ. We confused spiritual growth and maturity with other kinds of growth. As we grow from child to adult, we become more independent. Spiritual growth is the opposite. The more we grow in faith the more we realize how dependent we are. How much we need a community. How much we need people who will speak truth to us. How much we need to be connected so, in love, we might speak truth to others. And, how critical a relationship with Christ is. We need Christ in our lives, not every so often, but regularly. Weekly. Always. 


What do you want from me? I hope we might be able to answer Jesus: you. That when we know we have Jesus we have everything the Father desires us to have. Mercy and grace and blessings; now and forever.