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We kicked it off – now what?

We kicked it off – now what?

Alexis Williams, Online Minister - September 11, 2022

Were you in Church Sunday? I was in the house, as well as online, (as usual). The Spirit of the Lord was present. We had an amazing meal together thanks to Mike & Alicia, activities for the kids, and of course Worship. Over the last few months, nearly a year in fact, there have been a LOT of changes at Christ Lutheran, pastoral and staff. There have also been dramatic changes in the world we’re living in, amen?? But as Pastor Scott has been saying for a while now, it’s time to get back to our community in the house of the Lord. So, we kicked it off Sunday!

And now that we’ve “kicked” it off, what’s the next step? If you’re planning to get back INTO the habit of connecting at church, it’s time to get started. It was mentioned in worship, but I want to dive a little deeper here. We have a ROBUST selection of small groups at every campus, Bible study opportunities, and serving options. We’ve listed a lot of these in our September/October Newsletter, and we also have our Small Group Ministries/Adult Classes Booklet full of blurbs and descriptions for a stunningly wide variety of groups ready to have YOU join in.

We heard from the recent congregational survey that you’re missing each other, deeper, meaningful connection, and the spiritual depth of your Church community. Well, the planning is done, and we’re all just about as ready as we can be! If you’re available on Sunday mornings, we have tons of options for you. If you’re available on Wednesday evenings, come on out for dinner and classes. If you live too far from one of our campuses, guess what? We have online offerings planned and prepared for you! I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the excuses are now FEW with online as an option… if you’re on vacation, if you’ve recently had a baby, if you have sick kids, if you have a soccer tournament, come and join us over on Christ Online!

So… Kickoff Sunday to me this year feels a little different; it feels like it’s time for the shoe to come out and kick each and every one of us off the couch. It feels a little like tough love at this point. We need to be together, need to grow together, need to get back that feeling we all remember, we’re all searching for. You know you remember it, and you know you’re ready for it, so let’s Kick it OFF and get back to Church!