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Three Big Rocks for 2021

Three Big Rocks for 2021

Pastor Scott - January 25, 2021

At the annual meeting, I mentioned the Three Big Rocks that I will focus on in 2021.  I wanted to share with you those focal points if you missed that meeting.

POST-COVID CHURCH: Churches that are expecting things to “get back to normal” after the vaccine will be in for a disappointing surprise. This virus has been a game changer for so much of our society, including the church. We must think beyond getting people into a building or enrolling names on a membership list. We are entering into a both/and hybrid model in which in-person and on-line will need to be just as authentic and engaging. This is not just for Christ Lutheran, but for all those other churches who look to us to chart a path down unfamiliar territory. The overarching goal for me is engagement. No matter if it is a meeting or worship or a class, we want people to be engaged in order to see Jesus. This is a Reformation Age, and we need to get this right.

CHRIST HOME:  After a vaccine, there will still be many who choose to remain online worshippers. This could be because of family schedules or the fact that they live too far away from CLC, or they simply enjoy that format. Whatever the reason, I’m looking for 40-50 families who will open up their homes on Sunday mornings for a group of about 8-12 unchurched neighbors, family members or friends. You will begin with coffee and catchup—touching base on how the week has gone. Next will be worship in which you will participate together including singing, note taking, prayers and communion. Following worship, we will provide a short Bible Study for the group to talk through the message. And finally, there will be a closing time together for fellowship. I will personally train these 40-50 families on hospitality, evangelism, bible study and care as well as provide ongoing support. I already have one family that signed up immediately after the annual meeting. Are you next?

CHRIST SOUTH BUILD:  It is time.  We bought that 12 acres for Christ South to have a community center and worship space. This will not look like a stained glass country church with a steeple and an organ. Pastor Matt is leading a team for the design of this new building, and I am leading a team that is working out logistics, general contractors, timeline, zoning and finances. Council is considering selling that acre lot we bought a couple of years ago next to the church office to help pay a significant chunk of this cost. (We will move the Garden Ministry to the Christ South land in order to increase its footprint and harvest.) We are looking into putting that acre lot on the market soon, but rest assured that we cannot buy or sell any land without congregational approval. In the event that we get a contract, we will calla meeting for the members of CLC to weigh in on this decision. The goal isto break ground by the end of 2021.

This past year has been exhausting in so many ways, but I am invigorated at what 2021 has to offer. I invite your prayers, your participation and your promise to commit to the mission of the church to reach beyond our walls, expand the Kingdom of God, and to enable others to see Jesus.


Pastor Scott