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The God of Always

The God of Always

By Pastor Drew - September 13, 2021

“But what about you?” Jesus asks in the gospels, “Who do you say I am?” (Mark 8:29)

You are the God of Always.

Not sometimes. Not occasionally. But always.

Last Saturday on 9/11, our country remembered a day of catastrophe. A turning point. How did you observe the day?

As I watched my youngest son play his first soccer game Saturday morning, I was praying for those countless families who were directly impacted by the loss of a loved one. I grieved for them. Because no, even after 20 years, we as a nation haven’t just “moved on.” We have certainly “moved forward” but as with any grief, I’m not sure you ever fully “move on.”

I also let my life be inspired. Inspired by those people who, confronted with the worst, put their Christian faith into action. Father Mychal Judge was a FDNY chaplain who rushed to the World Trade Center. Every morning as part of my prayer time, I say a prayer that he wrote:

Lord, let me go where you want me to go. Let me meet who you want me to meet. Teach me what you’d have me say. And keep me out of your way. Amen.

On 9/11, Father Judge was struck and killed by debris while praying with the wounded. His death was the first recorded casualty of that awful day. Some have called him the “Saint of 9/11”.

There are so many other stories. Beautiful stories. Tragic stories. Of people who compassionately helped others. Who in their own ways, “took up their cross.”

Among the rubble, a construction worker found a 17-foot-high steel cross. The WTC cross now rests in the 9/11 museum and for many is a reminder that we have a God of Always. One who is always with us. A God who has broken the power of the grave. “Turn to me and have mercy on me, as you ALWAYS do” the Psalmist says. (119:132)

We remember. We remember the darkness of 9/11. And we move forward in hope and grace. But we also will never forget the goodness and love of those who on 9/11 showed the entire world the love of Jesus. The God of Always.



Pastor Drew