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Rebranding. New Logo

Rebranding. New Logo

- August 25, 2020

Who are we? The simple answer seems Christ Lutheran. But as we expand with four very diverse campuses reaching very different people with very unique worship experiences, that question is not as simple as we once thought.

This was the question we tried to answer as we relooked at our logo. Does a logo with a large window depicting our new sanctuary capture who we are at Christ Concord? Does this more traditional look resemble the expression of worship at Christ South or the technology-driven worship for Christ Online? The short answer was no. We needed a new look for a new time for a new Christ Lutheran.

Click here for a peek!

Who are we? We are Christ Lutheran. We have one membership, one staff, one council, one budget, one mission. Together, we are Christ Lutheran. And, at the same time, we have four very different expressions.

Christ Providence—a prominent church in Charlotte on Providence Road that offers a wide variety of programs and worship services for a broad swath of people.

Christ South—a more targeted ministry that speaks to younger families who do not have a strong Lutheran background and are looking for something different and unconventional.

Christ Concord—a church in transformation, reinventing itself from a small, traditional church to a new expression for the Concord region.

Christ Online—a significant ministry that reaches beyond our city, beyond our state, even beyond our country, connecting us through technology without borders.

After many iterations of a new logo without much agreement, our logo team immediately embraced this new logo. With its colors, it captures the vibrancy of a church that is alive. The colors of the different campuses merge to form one unified logo. Each campus has its own unique look and color.

You will be able to see the complete video from above and the full logo when we launch our new logo on our website and social media for Kickoff Sunday, September 13. On that Sunday, at all of the campuses, drive by the parking lots after each online service. We will have a Logo Swag Bag gift for you that will include a t-shirt, pen, carabiner, and window decal, all with the appropriate look and color and logo of the specific campuses. We hope that you can stop by to pick one up.

Yes, we have four very different campuses by design. They reach different people looking to connect to Jesus in a new way. But together, we are Christ Lutheran!

Awaiting the New Logo Reveal—September 13th! Pastor Scott