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Protecting Our Children

Protecting Our Children

Pastor Scott - November 27, 2022

Recently, there was an article in the Charlotte Observer about a young man who had been abusing children over the course of five years through his volunteering with their soccer league. To make matters worse, the newspaper listed all the area churches where this abuser had volunteered at their children and youth programs.

The thing about child abusers is that they will always find ways to get near children. They are often great with kids, first to volunteer and take special interest in making children and youth feel loved and welcomed.

The average child abuser also commits 71 molestations before they are caught.

At Christ Lutheran, we remain vigilant in protecting our children and youth. Volunteers must go through a yearly training and undergo a background check every three years. This training includes:

• Never being alone with a child

• Appropriate touch, affection and praise

• Appropriate communication

• Looking for warning signs of abuse

• How to respond and report

Our commitment is to protect our children and youth. Every adult, even if they are volunteering for a single event or retreat or driving must go through this training and background check.

My ask of you is quite simply this.  

First, we want and need volunteers who will go through the training.

Second, if you see or sense any inappropriate activity, trust your gut, and come to me.

The act of molestation may only be for a moment, but the impact can last for a lifetime. We are first concerned with that individual child and their wellbeing. Secondly, any incident like the one reported in the newspaper associated with a church can damage that youth ministry for years.

Jesus tells us to protect the least of these, and in my reading, that means those without a voice or power—our children.


Pastor Scott