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Pride comes before the fall

Pride comes before the fall

Pastor Ryan - February 13, 2023

Pride will get us to lofty places. When we have pride, we can be driven to places that, comparatively, are superior. Now, I’m not talking about pride in one's work. I’m not talking about doing a job well or seeing things through. I’m talking about a sense of self that makes us think that we are the end-all, be-all, answer for everything.  An overabundance of self-confidence will, absolutely, get you to great places.

Pride will bring you to a place of superiority. It will bring you to places you ought not to be. It will lead you to places that you shouldn’t be in. And you may follow pride to the highest peaks but that's not where God wants you to be.

When we tell ourselves that we are the greatest, and our self-assurance drifts into the sin of pride we will find ourselves in opposition to God. We find ourselves in a world where we are God and not the LORD. Where those around us are less, others are inferior, and we are superior.

This is not where God wants us to be. And, because it’s not where God wants us to be in the end it leads to our fall.

God wants us, not only where we ought to be but, more importantly, where we will flourish. Pride miss-positions us and we find ourselves serving our purpose or some other entity (money, power, fame, etc). Sowing and harvesting for a “good” defined by the world. Benefiting the one, or the few that we let into our self-made heavens. But in God’s economy our gain is not just ours. The labor isn’t just for us. Labor for the LORD is ever focused on the other that reflects what God has already done for us in Jesus Christ. What’s more, because God made us, He knows where we will grow best. He knows what we will need and what we can bring. We will be most happy in His Kingdom.  

Everywhere, at every stage, and in any way can serve our LORD. If ever you find yourself saying “my hands are tied, I am unable to…” Think of our LORD in Christ Jesus whose hands weren’t just tied they were nailed.

You have special gifts. Unleashing them for God’s Kingdom is a chance to reflect the incomprehensible love we have shown.