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Pastor, I Have a Question

Pastor, I Have a Question

Pastor Scott - July 5, 2022

We asked for tough questions, and you gave them. In fact, you astounded us with the depth of your questions. There are far too many to fit into a four-part sermon series. And quite frankly, some were too big to tackle in a single sermon, such as, “Who is the Holy Spirit?” That will be a complete sermon series. Some were more political and therefore, more appropriately tackled at an adult forum such as, “Because of our division, will God punish the USA like he did ancient Israel?” And some, quite honestly, stumped the pastors: “Where does our soul go immediately after we die?” I have no idea!

But of the remaining questions, we lumped them into four categories, each one aptly suited for a sermon. As you might have guessed, one deals with the problem of evil and suffering, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  Another wants to know about the final Judgement Day and if we will be held responsible for every careless thought and deed. And still another wanted to know why we do the things we do in worship such as the Creed, Confession, Sharing of the Peace and even the Benediction. That one should be a lot of fun!

But on the top of every poll ever done among believers as to the mysteries of the faith, somewhere in the top five is a question about prayer.

• How do I pray?

• What words do I use?

• What does it mean to pray without ceasing?

• Jesus promised that whatever we ask in his name, it will be done for us.

• Jesus said that whenever two or more agree in my name, that prayer will be answered.

• Can prayer change the outcome of things or just help me cope with it better?

• If God knows our needs better than we do ourselves, why even pray?

Good questions, right? I wish prayer was as simple as we tell our children—close your eyes, bow your head, fold your hands, and tell God what’s on your heart. Perhaps it is that simple and the children have it down better than we do.

Join us on Sunday as we wrestle with this together.

Pastor, I have a question. Teach me to pray because I want to get this right.

See You on Sunday,

Pastor Scott