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Parenting is Hard!

Parenting is Hard!

Pastor Melody - January 9, 2022

As parents, our life revolves around the school calendar. Now that school is back after the Christmas break, it feels like we’re taking off again from the starting line of a race. Yet, after the first week I find myself out of breath and exhausted, ready for another break. Parenting is hard, and it wears you out. What makes it difficult for me isn’t being with my children. I actually like them – most of the time. What’s so hard is wearing the other hats that fall under the title of parent: taxi driver, chef, cleaner, teacher, doctor, coach. But the hardest job, the one that gives me the most anxiety, is scheduler.

Every day is so jam-packed with things that need to get done – activities for the kids, chores that need to be completed – that it seems like I’ll never get a break. But it isn’t the act of scheduling that is causing me the anxiety; I kind of like it. We use a colored coded Google calendar to keep our lives organized. And I will admit, I nerd-out over the calendar. What makes me anxious is making choices for my children. How do I know what’s best for them? How do I know I’m making the best choices for my children? There’s so much for a child to do that we have to pick and choose as parents what our kids can and cannot do. What if I make the wrong choice? What if my kids will grow up deprived somehow because I chose baseball over soccer? Skim milk vs. whole milk? Art classes or gymnastics?

When I get overly anxious about parenting, I look towards my heavenly parent for guidance and reassurance. In Isaiah 54 we read, “All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace.” This verse helps me to put into perspective what is important. This foundation for my children’s growth is essential. All the other decisions are insignificant.

Yesterday in worship we celebrated the baptism of our Lord, and we remembered our baptism. That is the foundation of our relationship with God our Father. In the waters of baptism, we are claimed, forgiven, gifted, renewed but, most importantly, we are loved by our God. That’s the teaching that we get from our Lord. That’s the important part of life that we can share with our children. And the most significant choice I can make in their lives is to share that message of love with them.

Each day when I’m overwhelmed with parenting, I look in my children’s eyes, and I tell them that I love them and that God loves them. I know that with that knowledge my children will grow up assured that they’re loved. And they will be just fine even if I buy them sugary cereal instead of the uber healthy stuff.

Let’s pray together.

God our Father, be with us as parents and caregivers. Show us your love so we can share that love with our children. Be with them as they grow, and place in their hearts and minds the knowledge that they are beloved. AMEN.