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One Month In!

One Month In!

Pastor Adrienne - September 19, 2023

I am so excited to have completed my first month here at Christ Lutheran. Wow! I am honored for this privilege to serve with you! I thank you for such a warm welcome!

In this first month, I have been learning how things work and getting to meet as many people as I can! I thank you for coming up to me on Sundays and introducing yourself! I know it takes time at such a big place to get to know everyone, but getting to know you has been one of my greatest joys so far!

There is great energy around youth and family ministries. I have been inspired by how engaged and committed our families are, and our openness to the plans that the Holy Spirit may have for us.  I have been inspired by the curiosity, giftedness, and thoughtfulness of our young people. There is so much talent here!

We have a great schedule of events in place for youth and we are working on building community for families. We have many engaged parents who volunteer their time and talents every week. I am so grateful for such a committed team! I hope you will consider being involved in family ministry; there are many opportunities: weekly, monthly, yearly, and even one time.

I truly believe that raising children takes a community, and that includes a church community. I remember a mother saying once that while she was happy to teach her child at Sunday School, during Children’s Church, and at home, she would like for him, and needed him to learn from other adults in his life and in the church. Sometimes those messages speak louder when they come from someone else!

My parents and family were so formative in my faith journey growing up, but there were also so many others that had an impact on me. I too needed people who were not my family to teach me, to challenge me, to encourage me, to help me grow. I am grateful for the ways they gave of their time to invest in me. It is a gift we may recognize later on.

So I invite you to plug into family ministries! There are lots of ways and opportunities. You do not have to be a parent or a relative! All you need is the passion to make a difference and approval through our Child Protection Check and Training! We strive to keep our children safe and need approved volunteers to help us to share God’s grace in Jesus Christ and to follow God’s way in raising up children in the way they should go. I would love to talk with you about getting involved!