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New Director of Family Ministries ~ Deacon Kenny Champagne

New Director of Family Ministries ~ Deacon Kenny Champagne

Pastor Scott - October 10, 2022

I am pleased to announce that we have extended an offer to fill the position of Director of Family Ministries with an excellent candidate, Kenny Champagne. He will start on November 20.

I have actually known Kenny for over 30 years! He was a child in the first church I served in Florida.  After I left that church, Natalya Legvold (from CLC), became the Youth Director and had Kenny as a teen.  After Natalya left that position and became our Youth Director, Kenny took on that role in his home church. And from that time onward, Kenny has worked in family and youth ministries for over 13 years.  During that time, he became ordained as a Deacon within the ELCA. Whereas a pastor is ordained for Word and Sacrament, a Deacon is ordained for Word and Service.

However, as Kenny has lived into that role as Deacon, his heart has been stirred to change rosters and become a pastor in the ELCA. He has most of the education completed, but what he needs now is an internship, which he will complete here at Christ Lutheran under my supervision. During that time, Kenny will perform all the typical pastoral functions as well as oversee the Family Ministry Team. To be clear, Kenny’s minimal commitment to us is for a 9-month internship, but we are hoping to extend that to a full-time call afterwards.

I am so excited to bring Kenny on board to the staff. His extensive experience with youth and family along with his deep theological education will serve us well. Plus, he is a great guy with whom you will quickly fall in love. Authentic, caring and engaging are words that I would use to describe Kenny.

As the congregation reengages this fall to the programs and ministries of the church, Kenny will offer the leadership and stability that we need. Please reach out to him when he arrives, take him out to lunch or buy him a cup of coffee. Better yet, take him to a hockey game, a sport that he loves and plays regularly.

With a Grateful Heart,
Pastor Scott