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Alexis Williams - May 30, 2023

That’s the latest term you know –“May-Cember”? And I for one am feeling it. December IS crazy each year with family obligations, Christmas parties, and everything else wrapping up another calendar year. However, the month of May will sneak up and slap you right in the face if you’re not careful, especially if you’re a parent OR teacher! Am Iright?

I saw a hilarious Instagram Reel just this week depicting a Mom just minding her business at home when the “School” emailed out … “HEY BESTIE… just here with the latest on the last few weeks of school!!” like “Yoohoo.. just dropping in to ruin your sanity!” The school went on to list out several days when the cafeteria would be closed so everyone must send in specific snacks and lunches, reminders about overdue books that will end in the parents’ arrest if not returned, and one of my least favorite… the elaborate Spirit Week. Days like “dress as your favorite circus performer,” or “go buy an entire new wardrobe with accessories” - day. I say that in jest, but when we’re already on the brink of sending Taco Bell packets and bread and water for lunches (because that’s all we’ve got left), another day of remembering to wear a certain color or carry in a stuffed animal is just about too much.

There’s teacher appreciation, field trips, field days, award ceremonies, band concerts, not to mention everything wrapping up for extracurricular activities for the school year, and it’s all coming quickly to a triumphant (and exhausting) end. Once this blog is live, we’ll be right past Memorial Day, and some of us that ended school on May 26 can breathe a collective sigh of relief. (If you’re an early-June ender, my apologies).

I am reminded often that the days are long, but the years are short. And despite the exasperation expressed here, I am already feeling that the years with our children are fleeting. 10-ish years from now I will miss May-cember and all of the crafts (“Mom, this is a coral reef!), chaos, noise, sweaty hugs, snack sign-ups, soccer games, and school plays.

Also I already know, somehow, I will probably have amnesia and forget all of this happened by the time April 30,2024 rolls around. And we’ll be off to the races again.

For now, Summer’s coming! And I hope we all see each other at church over the summer for VBS, Sunday worship, and anything else we come up with! Safe travels to all of you as we embark on vacation, and just because I have the floor at the moment… vacation doesn’t mean you can’t worship with me at Christ Online! (wink wink). Happy Summer everyone! We made it!