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Live the Mission of God

Live the Mission of God

Anthony Currier, Youth Director - September 20, 2021

We all question the significance of our place in the world from time to time. We read how God has redeemed and claimed us as His own, and yet don’t truly understand what to do with such information other than to store it away in a mental filing cabinet or hang it on your wall as a bragging right. What are we honestly called to do with the message God communicated to us? Where do we fit into the greater story? Is the Gospel still relevant today?  

The Gospel means “the good news” and was our redemption by God from sin through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Gospel took generations to come to fruition as it was a process (and still is) only God could understand fully, yet many followers and leaders throughout this time worshiped God regardless of their lack of insight on the bigger picture. They simply couldn’t understand the gravity of God’s mission, and yet they still chose to pursue God. He is the light in our world of darkness, and we all understand that darkness cannot conceal light or eliminate it.  

Personally, I truly believe I am called to lead the next generation of faith leaders, as I believe they are the most important people in our world today and will continue to be. The youth have the potential to change the world, and faith leaders, parents, and adults, hold the power to equip them and change the world alongside them. I think back to the Thomas Paine quote, “If there must be trouble, let it bein my day, that my child may have peace,” as peace cannot be achieved without great sacrifice and courage from those who are willing to fight for it.

With our world crippled by selfishness, greed, and complacency, God has equipped every single one of us to bear witness of His glory and wield the sword of truth for the sake of all who are helpless and still don’t know God. We aren’t called to sit on the sidelines, but to put aside our politics and do what others aren’t willing to, even other believers! Fulfillment is achieved in doing the work God has called us to do; stepping up to the plate to serve one another and live out Christ in our lives for the benefit of everyone.  

Whether you’re a company executive or a fry cook, the time to answer the call that God puts on your heart is immediately. He doesn’t promise a comfortable life full of riches and good luck; comfort rarely creates leaders. The call may be uncomfortable, even frightening, but this call is a gift from God for us to honor the Holy Kingdom; not something more, but something greater. Something different from what we know. Embrace the conviction to do so much more!