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Land Sold!

Land Sold!

Pastor Scott - March 8, 2021

On Sunday, March7, we had a congregational meeting for the sole purpose of selling the acre lot across from the church office that is currently being used for our Garden Ministry.  Over four years ago, we purchased that lot/home for $325,000.  We had to demolish the house, add dirt, run irrigation and grade.  All together, we have about $354,000 invested into the land (not counting the Garden Ministry).

About three weeks ago, we put it on the market with the asking price of $650,000.  With the booming real estate market fueled by low interest rates, we immediately got three potential buyers each at or above the asking price.  Upon going back to those buyers, knowing how valuable that land currently is, they all sharpened their pencils and gave us higher bids.  In the end, we accepted an offer of $800,000 from one home builder in the neighborhood.

On March 7, after about 30 minutes of going through the details of the contract and answering questions, we voted and unanimously agreed to the sale of the land.  To make this deal even sweeter, our member and real estate agent, Joan Goode, donated her commission back to the church as her contribution towards this project. Thank you, Joan!

Now what?

The buyer has graciously allowed our Garden Ministry to plant and harvest their spring crop.  Once this is done sometime the end of May, we will transfer the Garden Ministry to the land at Christ South and hopefully also up at Christ Concord. Last year this ministry produced literally over a ton of food, primarily for our work at McClintock.  Now with this relocation, it will double or even triple in size.  God is good!

As for the money, it will go towards the building of a worship/community building at Christ South.  With a generous gift already given at the end of 2020 of $300,000, we now have $1.1 million towards this project.

We currently have teams together that are working on the design and logistics of this Christ South project.  Don’t think stained glass, steeple and an organ.  This will be a multi-use space that will be very open, somewhat rustic and intentionally welcoming to both worshippers on Sunday as well as various groups throughout the week.

When we have the design done and the costs finalized, then we will come back to the congregation for a final approval in moving forward.  Our goal is to break ground before the end of the year.

When we bought that acre lot four years ago, we had no idea what God had in mind for it.  Now, because of this crazy market, your gifts in buying that land years ago have grown 128%. This amazing return plus the ongoing generosity of this church will enable us to complete this building without taking on anymore additional debt.  God is good!

Thank you for your bold faith, your generous giving and your keen vision to expand the reach of Christ Lutheran, furthering the work of the Kingdom in order to engage people to experience Jesus.

Let’s Grow!

Pastor Scott