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Jesus Doesn’t Take a Summer Vacation

Jesus Doesn’t Take a Summer Vacation

Alexis Williams - May 2, 2022

In 2020, it was a very happy coincidence (or divine intervention) that here at Christ Lutheran we decided Online Ministry was a worthwhile endeavor. Two years later, our little virtual community is growing and trying to find a niche in this post-COVID world. I believe we have a unique opportunity to fill a void, eliminate your excuses, and continue spreading the Word of God.

Summer Break is upon us with Spring Fever in full bloom. May is one of the busiest months of the year for everyone as we are winding down the school year, sports, and commitments. We finish up Sunday School and Wednesdays Together, and we focus more on Vacation Bible School and Freedom School and Summer Drama Camps. On a personal note, my family is trading in multiple soccer team events, elementary bus schedule, and preschool pickup for swim lessons on Saturdays, Carowinds anytime we can swing it, and a week-long getaway to the coast!

So this begs the question, what becomes of worship? Where will it fit in? Is it easily set aside for the summer months? We adjust the worship times to be a bit more summer-friendly, so families are still encouraged to attend in person. For those of us who are still reeling from the lockdowns and restrictions of the last few years while feeling like we’re still adjusting to daylight, coming back to worship within the church walls is refreshing. And I have to tell you, to be there in person IS a relief.

Another side of that post-COVID relief coin is probably that you’re hoping to fill THIS summer with travel, weekends away, festivals, outdoor concerts - the list can go on and on. But I bet you won’t stay at home much, right? You may be out of town more than you’re at home; you may have a bevy of excuses to NOT go to Church! You may get right out of that routine as quickly as you readjusted to it.

I’d urge you to give online worship a try, especially if you’ve not really worshiped online with us since you “had” to with no other option. We’ve worked very hard to make the online worship experience just as fulfilling and genuine as the in-person experience, and we have a very skilled group of folks working each and every week to continue to improve, learn, and grow. If you do join us online, be sure to let us know what you think! I say it every week, but as your online minister I’m always available at

Though we swap one form of busy for another, and though these easy summer days may take us farther away from the House of the Lord and our Church home, guess what? Jesus doesn’t take a summer vacation! And we have the unique, valuable opportunity to worship seamlessly… ONLINE!! I’ll be there and so will Blair - the better half of your Online Chat Team (that is always looking for help if you happen to enjoy online fellowship). See what I did there? You have no excuses, people, and I hope to see you all online this Summer!