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It Wasn't About the House

It Wasn't About the House

Pastor Tenny - July 12, 2022

It was a fantastic week!


14 of us from all Christ Lutheran campuses joined together last week to go on a mission trip to Mexico. Half the group were youth and half were adults—a great mix! The stated objective was to build a house for a family.  

We did begin building a house for the Martinez Mendoza family. The concrete floor was poured. The cinder-block walls were put up. The concrete “ring” near the top of the walls was poured, and two more rows of cinder-blocks were laid on the top.  

But, it wasn’t about the floor and the walls.

We delivered food and essential supplies to some struggling families, one had a family member suffering from an illness, another struggled to make ends meet, while 3 generations lived in a small structure on a meager income. We hope that the food and supplies would bring some relief to their struggles.

But, it wasn’t about the food and supplies.

We enjoyed some recreation time with children who came every morning for a nutrition program. After hearing a Bible story and a message, we enjoyed some recreation time with them, before they were sent home with a nutritious bag breakfast.

But, it wasn’t about the recreation and the breakfast.

We helped pour the concrete roof on another house, started by a group from another church in Texas a couple weeks ago. It was a fascinating and labor-intensive project.

But, it wasn’t about the roof.

The trip was about building community…in Christ.  

We began to realize that, whether we lived in Charlotte, Mint Hill, Waxhaw, or in Reynosa, Mexico, that we are all baptized children of the same God who watches over us, provides for our needs, saves us all through His Son, Jesus Christ, and fills us with the Holy Spirit. Seeing bonds develop, even between people who don’t speak the same language, and finding ways to serve one another was absolutely amazing!

That’s what it was all about.

Consider joining us next time!


Pastor Tenny