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I Hope You Were Pleased

I Hope You Were Pleased

Pastor Scott - April 9, 2023

Dear God,

It was glorious!

Holy Week began with Palm Sunday that was the largest worship attendance we’ve seen for a non-holiday Sunday since Covid.  It was so much fun to see the children in the hallways tickling and teasing their siblings with the ends of the palm branches, to hear the congregation sing out the songs of worship and to feel once again the presence of your Spirit around us.

On Maundy Thursday, it was such a delight to see those 25 young people receiving their first communion. They wrinkled their noses when they tasted the horseradish at the Seder and picked at their plate when told they were eating a lamb. They stood with great pride before the congregation as we acknowledged their first communion. And to hand them the wafer, telling them this body was broken, this blood was shed for them. . .well, you could tell that they had waited their whole lives for this moment.

On Good Friday, the awful weather of cold and rain reflected the tragedy of that service. As the lights grew dimmer, the impact of Jesus’ death was heightened. The words and the music dovetailed nicely, telling a story of great loss and tremendous sacrifice on your part and what it was like to die. The slamming of the Bible at the end never grows old as that single flame, the only flicker of hope, cannot be extinguished by the darkness and returns into the sanctuary for the final benediction.

It all led up to an awesome Easter morning. A bit chilly, to be sure. At 41 degrees, the Sonrise Service had to be indoors, but that didn’t dampen the Spirit blowing wildly through your Church. The services were packed with visitors and members who had strayed away but returned home for this celebration. The music raised the roof with sounds of praise and adoration. The people lifted their voices with shouts of He Is Risen! He Is Risen, Indeed! The proclamation of the Gospel was heard as Jesus’ resurrection means our resurrection, his new life means our new life.

It was glorious. The whole week. Now it is time for rest, to get away with Gretchen for a couple of days and reconnect with one another after this busy season has taken me away too often.  And as we drive the three and a half hours to the beach, we say to one another, “O God, I hope you were pleased.” For to you alone be the glory!


Pastor Scott