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Pastor Scott - January 8, 2023

This is the word of the year for Christ Lutheran. Hineni. It is Hebrew for, “Here I am” and the theme for our current sermon series. It doesn’t mean being counted as present in class, “Here I am!” It doesn’t mean being found by rescuers, “Here I am!” It means hearing the call of God, stripping away all fears and doubts, stepping forth in confidence and being ready for action, “Here I am.”

Here I am to worship. . .weekly.

Here I am to forgive. . .graciously.

Here I am to serve. . .faithfully.

Here I am to give. . .generously.

Here I am to share. . .abundantly.

And what’s more, upon further study, I have discovered that the word, Hineni, means far more than volunteering. Someone sent me an email in which they heard an interview by Darlene Zschech. You may not know her by name, but you know her songs such as “Shout to the Lord,” and “This is the Air I Breathe.” In that interview, she explained that the deeper meaning of Hineni is, “My answer is yes before you even ask!”

Isn’t that great?

That’s what I want for Christ Lutheran this year. Instead of waiting to be asked, instead of pondering the pros and cons, may we this year be such a faith filled body of Christ that the first response in our hearts is not how much time, money and effort will it cost me, but “My answer is yes before you even ask.”


Can you imagine such a church?

Throughout 2023, look for that word somewhere hidden within the bulletin each week. Have your children circle it and show me on Sunday. With the average New Year’s Resolution lasting only 36 days, I don’t want us to forget this word as our commitment for 2023.

It is time to come back to worship. Hineni. It is time to step up to serve. Hineni. It is time to dive deeper into God’s Word. Hineni. It is time to live generously. Hineni. It is time to forgive graciously. Hineni.

My answer is yes, even before you asked.

Pastor Scott