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Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

Alexis Williams, Online Minister - November 1, 2021

It’s time for another COVID check-in. How are you doing? More importantly, how are your children? Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, godparent, teacher, or friend … how are the children in your life hanging in there? 

I say “Here We Go Again” because we’re right on the threshold of my favorite time of year – the Holidays. As soon as Halloween hits, I’m ready! But here we are, entering our second COVID Holiday Season, and it’s definitely something we’ll walk into with trepidation, especially those of us blessed to be in the presence of children. 

The past almost 20 months have taught us so much. It has tested us as adults in major ways, but how has it tested the kids that we love so dearly? In my household, the pandemic exposed the desperate need my twins had for some preschool time outside of the house. We had separation anxiety rear its ugly head like nothing I’ve ever seen. We also learned that virtual learning is not a good fit for our eldest. In fact, I started to not recognize our 9-year-old at all. I am so thankful she’s transitioned back into the classroom for 4th grade.

We’ve all heard many times that we can learn a lot by looking at things through the lens of a child’s eyes. My three little ones are living in a very different world than I was at their age, and yet, I must always remember that they’re embracing their reality with innocence, patience, and excitement. Yes, the masks are annoying, and I still sometimes forget to have enough packed, but my kids are rolling with the punches! And it stands to reason that if they can, I can too! 

As we look to Thanksgiving, the Advent Season, and Christmas this year, I think it’s a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come during this “situation.” What has changed, possibly forever, but what has also stayed the same. Maybe your family gatherings will still be held outside whenever possible, maybe they’ll be smaller, or maybe you will throw caution to the wind and get back to “normal” living this year. Whatever you do, be sure to embrace it like the children do … with enthusiasm, wonder and awe.

And now it’s time for my shameless plug for my work here at church. Did you know that we have a Pinterest account? As of last check, 67 of you do! I’m going to use this blog as a reminder to myself to go into that account and add some new ideas, freshen it up, and share it with you. I’ll work on making the Holiday boards more useful in the coming weeks so maybe you can find a few new ideas to make new traditions in this new world.