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GOOD SOIL – Christ South Building Update

GOOD SOIL – Christ South Building Update

Pastor Scott - April 19, 2021

So, where are we?

I hear that question often in terms of our building plans on the beautiful 13 acres of land we bought for our Christ South campus.  When are we going to build?  What will it look like?  How much will it cost?

While not completely nailed down, we now have some clearer answers:

While so many other churches are struggling with finances and looking at uncertain futures, we are extraordinarily blessed to have members with a strong vision about doing ministry in a world that needs to hear the Gospel more now than ever before.

Therefore, the theme for this vision is Good Soil.  There is rocky soil, clay soil, acid soil, sandy soil, thorny soil, but for most of us, it just looks like dirt. Our job is not to figure out the worthiness of the dirt, but to do what Jesus taught – to be generous and lavishly scatter the seed letting God bring forth the fruit.  As we live out our mission at Christ Lutheran to Find Community, Build Faith and Reach Beyond, we scatter the seed abundantly, lavishly and widely trusting that God will produce the growth in the Good Soil.

To be sure, this is not something that Christ South is doing.  This is not what Pastor Matt and his folks are cooking up down south.  This is not another campus’ project.  Christ South is Christ Lutheran.  Together, we envisioned this campus, together we called a pastor for this campus, together we bought land for this campus and together we are the Good Soil that will plant a Christ Lutheran worship center on our campus called Christ South.

We have always been in this together.

Come Grow With Us!

Pastor Scott