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From Our Church Council President

From Our Church Council President

Eric Runge - June 19, 2023

In last week’s blog post, Deacon Kenny informed our congregation that he will continue his pastoral journey with a congregation in Northern Virginia. We thank God, and Kenny, that he has served us so well throughout his ten-month internship at Christ Lutheran. We will miss him, but we know that he is embarking on the path that God set forth for him. Blessings to Kenny, his wife, and his ministry.

With Kenny’s departure, we find ourselves with two pastors and two campuses, which is not sustainable for a church that seeks to grow. Fortunately, a call committee was formed with the express purpose of identifying a pastor to serve at Christ Lutheran Church, and I am happy to report that we feel we found a wonderful candidate, Pastor Adrienne Martin.

Pastor Adrienne served Sardis Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hickory, NC, for seven years since 2016. It was a very positive ministry for both Pastor Adrienne and the church. They absolutely loved her there. However, very recently, she resigned from that call to focus on completing her written thesis for her third master’s degree. She is now able to receive a new call with a greater challenge to serve the wider church. During the interview process, we found her to be very engaging with a deep intellect and a humble, pastoral heart. She will be a wonderful fit to take over the Family Ministry Team.

The church council met with Pastor Adrienne at our June 19th meeting and now recommends her to the congregation for a call to Christ Lutheran Please join us on Sunday, July 9, to meet her at a reception between services and then you may cast your vote to extend a call to Pastor Adrienne at a congregational meeting immediately following the contemporary worship at around 11:45. For those unable to attend in person, you may join us and vote online.

On behalf of the call committee and the church council, we are very excited about inviting Pastor Adrienne to join our church and pastoral team. We believe that she has the right gifts at the right time to serve us well. And we believe that we can offer her wonderful opportunities to expand and strengthen her ministry.

In Christ,


Eric Runge

Council President

Christ Lutheran Church