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Finding the Christmas Spirit

Finding the Christmas Spirit

Amy Daniels - December 13, 2022

Can you find the Christmas Spirit this year? I can tell you where!

If you are having a hard time getting in the Spirit of the season this year, playing Christmas music always helps, some say “fake it ‘til you make it!” but I know for certain that when I look outside my own self, the Spirit grabs me. Our Alternative Gift Market is one such place: the youth and adults who learn about others in great need and then so eloquently support them, cannot help but let us find the Spirit. And getting to know some of our neighbors who can use a little of our help to support their families is always a blessing. This year we sponsored 28 families from our immediate community. Whether you shopped from a wish list, provided funds from your privilege, helped wrap gifts, or provided Food Lion gift cards so each family gets a little help with groceries over the holidays, you agree with me and told me over and over how blessed YOU were! Some even get started early by helping to provide Thanksgiving turkeys and groceries to families. One family in our congregation fried and delivered 15 turkeys to families mostly in hotels. I am sure their Christmas Spirit arrives by Thanksgiving afternoon!!! I guarantee that when you get outside yourself, you meet Christ and this time of year, catch that Christmas Spirit and it doesn’t let go!!! God is not done with any of us yet!

Merry Christmas!


Director of Outreach