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Deeper Dive

Deeper Dive

Pastor Scott - June 24, 2024

Have you ever heard a sermon and thought, “Yeah, but. . .”  You had questions, you wanted to go deeper on a certain point, you needed clarification on a topic?

We have put together a weekly podcast called, “Deeper Dive” in which we do just that. Each week, the preaching pastor and one other enter into a deeper, theological conversation based on the previous sermon. We can hit upon topics that we would not normally cover on a Sunday morning. It is lively, it is fun, and I believe you will find it interesting.

Here are some examples of previous podcasts:

·       On June 23, I preached about being the one for only a short term, like Philip and the Ethiopian. We heard the testimony from Geoff Nau about “Jeremy” who came into his life when he was a homeless addict at just the right time. God creates those divine appointments with people intersecting your life at critical times. The podcast talked about staying in touch with people and the false sense of relationship that Facebook has created.

·       On June 16, Pastor Ryan spoke about showing up for another person in a mentoring role.  We heard from Sam Ingram about her surprising spiritual mentorship with an older executive that changed both. The podcast focused on God surprising us with those people in our lives and how both of us can be changed forever.

·       On June 9, I preached about remembering the marriage covenant. The testimony was from Leigh Ann Harris who went through horrendous abuse as a child, but her husband stayed committed to her through her therapy, honoring those wedding vows. The podcast compared the world’s understanding of love as a feeling with the biblical understanding of love as a commitment.

The podcast intentionally is only about 15 minutes long, just enough for your drive home or maybe a brisk walk in your neighborhood. And if you have a question or topic for a podcast after a sermon, please send me a quick note. Always looking for ideas!

You can find Deeper Dive here


Pastor Scott