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Christmas invite - Absolutely Nothing Better

Christmas invite - Absolutely Nothing Better

Pastor Ryan - December 19, 2022

Luke 2:8-15

I was making cookies with my daughter the other day. We make a whole bunch of “drop” cookies. No baking, just mix the ingredients together and “drop” the resulting paste onto wax paper. In a couple hours we can eat to our heart’s content. We’ve picked up some of these recipes over the years and I didn’t realize it until we were almost done but, for me, that’s the official start of the Christmas season. Making Christmas cookies means Christmas is really, finally, here.

When do you finally agree it's Christmas? Cause I know it's not when Target says so. They’ve had their Christ merch out since early October, and in some stores I am not exaggerating.

Whatever the trigger is for when it finally feels like Christmas, the high point is, and always will be the candles. You know, the lighting of the candles at the end of the Christmas Eve service. Well, maybe not candles in the classic sense, these days. We’ve moved to safer and cleaner electric candles, or glow sticks; but it's all the same. The soft glow of the light. We all sing Silent Night and the musicians fade out to letting the congregation sing acapella. YES! Yes, Jesus, yes. That is the best stuff on earth.

I know you know what I’m talking about. That beautiful moment that can only happen in God's congregation.

Can you imagine missing that moment?

Let me encourage you, here. There are some who have forgotten or, maybe, never knew about that moment. Invite someone you know to be a part of the splendor that Jesus creates on the night when He was born.

Let me give you the words to start you off.

Say: “hello, friend/ coworker/ neighbor/ etc. do you have any traditions at your Christmas service that you just love?”

Now, here they will tell you all about their service. This is your cue to gush and make merry. You have found a sister or brother in Christ.

If they don't have an answer, tell them about yours. Maybe it’s the candle lighting. Maybe it’s the choral anthems. Whatever it is, share that, and let your joy in Christ be obvious.

Here’s the thing: this time of year is THE time when people are the most open to being invited to worship. Should the one to whom you are talking accept that invite you may have just given them the very best gift anyone could ever give: a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus.