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Congregational Meeting: Christ Concord

Congregational Meeting: Christ Concord

Pastor Scott - April 1, 2024

On April 14, following the late service, we will have a congregational meeting to discuss and vote upon the future vision and direction of Christ Concord. For seven years we have invested resources, leadership and personnel in an attempt to revitalize that struggling congregation. Initially, we asked that we give it three years. But when Covid hit, that extended the timeline. Nevertheless, today we have around the mid-20’s in worship with expenses far outweighing income. It is time for a new vision.

In reflection, I am saddened that this bold move of faith didn’t work as well as I had envisioned seven years ago. I believe we did great ministry there and any change that must occur is not from lack of effort or support. In hindsight, I think four things worked against us:


1.    The distance of 22 miles proved to be a bigger obstacle than I had thought.  We couldn’t send a children’s choir there. We didn’t have people living in Concord to attend worship. We couldn’t have a youth evening there.

2.    We had four or five significant leadership changes over those seven years.  Such instability could not sustain the vision.

3.    We anticipated a strong relationship with Thrive School. When that organization had their internal problems and had to pull out of Christ Concord, we lost a significant base.

4.    And we had a difficult time recovering after Covid.

The vote on April 14 will have two facets:

1.    First, to thank God for the ministry and people of Christ Concord and to continue to care for them. We have reached out to Calvary Lutheran Church in Concord and will encourage our members to worship together at that nearby Lutheran Church.

2.    Second, we will put the four acres of land up for sale. As of now, we have a Letter of Intent from Habitat for Humanity in Concord to purchase the land to develop an entire neighborhood of affordable housing. This Letter is non-binding currently but shows good faith. With a positive vote on April 14, Habitat will then proceed to do its due diligence and come back later with an offer. We will then have to meet again as a congregation to vote on that offer.

While I am saddened that this bold step of faith didn’t work out the way we had hoped, I am encouraged that the people will be well cared for and that this sacred land will continue to be used for ministry to the least of these.

Please join us on April 14 to consider together a new vision and to imagine what God has in store for us next.


Peace, He Is Risen!

Pastor Scott