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Change & Opportunity

Change & Opportunity

Pastor Scott - August 7, 2023

July has been a month of significant change for the staff. With any change comes a sense of heightened anxiety. But in my experience, change also provides new opportunities.

We have several people leaving the staff after a long tenure, the first being Lyndon Ratliff. Lyndon was the first person I ever hired at Christ Lutheran back in 1998. He first came in as our custodial and maintenance person, helping with everything from set up to minor repairs to cleaning. After his initial retirement, he stayed on with the staff to help with evening security and lock up. For 25years, Lyndon has been a fixture at Christ Lutheran — dependable, trustworthy, and forever welcoming to all. Happy Retirement, Lyndon!

The second longest tenured staff person to leave is Connie Kramer. For 15 years, Connie has been that first voice and face of Christ Lutheran, answering the phone and front door with a welcoming smile and a helpful attitude. But far more than a receptionist, she was our office manager, operating the copier, preparing bulk mailings, and running the front end of the ministry. She really did it all. Connie and her husband, Tom, are moving to Summerville just outside of Charleston to be closer to one of their daughters. Blessings and Thank You, Connie!


Tom Kramer was also on staff as the manager of our gift/bookstore, Cornerstone. With an extensive background in sales and marketing, particularly online, Tom did a remarkable job transforming that store into a vibrant placed that changed inventory frequently and resulting in raising enough money to giveback to our Outreach Ministries. Well done, Tom!


And after 10 years on staff, Gregg Huether has resigned as our Finance and Property Manager. This will be a big loss for me personally. I brought Gregg on as one of my closest friends to run the day-to-day operations of the church from maintenance to vendors to personnel to property set-up to scheduling to everything financial. And he was exceptional. The Council, Finance Team and I had so much confidence in his ability, passion, and hard work. The only reason that I could teach, preach, lead a staff, and cast a vision was because everything ran so smoothly under Gregg’s watchful eye. We wish him the very best in what God has in store for him next.

We also must say goodbye to Deacon Kenny Champagne. I had so hoped to keep him following his ten-month internship with us but evidently the Holy Spirit had different plans. We have enjoyed Kenny’s ministry among us, a quiet and competent presence who made a deep impact during his short time with us. We send him off after confirmation on August 27 back up to the DC area to be reunited with his wife and two dogs! 

However, with change comes new opportunities. Beginning August 7, I am thrilled to have Pastor Adrienne Martin join our staff as Pastor and Director of Family Ministries. She comes with a sharp mind, finishing up her third master’s degree, a pastoral heart that is clearly evident when you first meet her, and a strong sense of collaboration with others on a team. Welcome Pastor Adrienne!


Joining her on August 7, we have two youth directors. Tyler Weller, a longtime member who participated in our youth ministry, The Xperience, and SpiritSong, will join us as the full time Youth Director working with both middle and high school youth. Along with Tyler, we are excited to welcome (again) Natalya Legvold who will work closely with Tyler on all things youth as a part time Youth Ministry Advisor. They know each other well, have worked closely together, and will bring our youth ministry to a higher level.


And beginning in September, I am pleased to announce that Willie Pinson will join the staff as a Lay Pastor. After 23 years of teaching middle school choral in CMS, Willie has retired and now will join our staff to lead the team primarily at Christ Concord with additional responsibilities at Christ Providence. You’ve known him as a marvelous singer for Spirit Song. You’ve seen him as the Director of Freedom School at CLC. Now you will know him as Pastor Willie as he joins our pastoral team.


With change comes anxiety, particularly with the leaving of four significant staff members who have left a deep impact on the ministries of Christ Lutheran. But with change comes great opportunity for what God has in store for us. And for that, I am excited.

By the way, if you have any interest in either Gregg’s position as the Director of Property and Finance or Connie’s position as the front office manager, please reach out to me. We are interviewing now to fill those staff positions quickly.


Looking Backwards with Gratitude,
Looking Forward with Excitement.

Pastor Scott