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Pastor Melody - September 27, 2021

I got a new IWatch for Christmas. At first, I didn’t want something so “smart.” The idea of constantly getting emails and texts on my wrist didn’t seem appealing. But I have grown to LOVE my watch. One of the best features is that I can answer my phone with my watch. Sometimes… ok a lot of the time, I lay my phone down and go into another room. Yet, I can still answer my phone. It’s great! But there’s one feature that I still don’t know what I think about it.

Several times a day my watch reminds me to breathe. Plus, lately I have been seeing ads for apps that help you breathe. Being the pragmatic person that I am, I think to myself, “ I know how to breathe. Why do I need this?  I have been breathing my whole life. I know how to do it.”

But….I don’t stop and take note of my breathing. Most of the time I’m not even aware of it. So, yesterday I decided every time my watch reminded me to breathe that I’d stop what I was doing; I would try to calm my brain and just breathe for a minute.

I took note of my breathing. I would breathe in the fresh air that brings life. As I was doing this, I thought of the scripture where God formed humans in God’s mighty hands, taking clay and dust and forming us into their image. Then, God bent over and breathed life into us. This same breath is there when a baby breathes in for the first time. And it’s there when we breathe our last. It is not just air that brings forth life. It’s the breath of God that fills all living things with life.

As the air filled my lungs, I thought of God’s Spirit surrounding me, bringing life and energy to my body. I thought of the breath of God that first gave me life and that sustains me today. I thought about how God’s Spirit was moving in the air that encircled me.   

Then, I exhaled. Air would leave my lungs as I imagined my worries and things that have been causing me stress to leave me as well. I would relax my muscles in my shoulders and let the stress melt from my body.

Then I would inhale again envisioning God’s breath filling my lungs. Exhaling, letting go of all the stress that wears on me daily. Inhale the air that brings life, exhale the burdens that cause tension. This experiment brought new insight into my life. My watch that was such a practical gift became something that connected me even closer to my Lord and my God. 

I encourage you this week to be intentional about your breathing. Take note of it. Focus on your inhaling and remember that the God of all creation first breathed life into you. Then, exhale, breathing out all the worries and concerns that are weighing on you. Breathe, just breathe…