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Beauty in the Chaos

Beauty in the Chaos

Pastor Ryan - June 25, 2023

Oh the chaos. School is out and the chaos was beginning to mount and then it all disappeared. My two oldest went off to camp. And with them went all the noise and scattered socks and shoes. No more coming out from their room because they couldn’t sleep. Ne’ery an argument over a video game. My youngest was an only child. Peace.

I hate peace. Well, maybe I should say I appreciate the chaos, especially when it’s gone. There is a beauty of having a full house. Someone is always doing something. And, truth be told, I’m just as likely to play video games as any of the children.  

The first night having all the kids back in the house was peaceful. We emptied backpacks and did load after load of laundry. There was no whining or crying. Not yet, at least. I know it's coming. Soon enough someone will think that the best thing to do is to take a controller or pillow or as eat and the eruption will begin again. The normal shuffle of the day-to-day will take hold again and so will the chaos. But in the meantime, I choose to remember, now, how much I actually like it. 

We get to choose what we focus on. We can choose joy. We don’t have to be taken away by the trials of this world. We can choose to see and focus and be reminded of the beauty of this world. We can stay focused on the people, the events, and the things that are beautiful. God has given us so much beauty. 

This focus, on what really matters, is how it is that Peter and John were able to rejoice while being flogged and dishonored. They kept their eye on Jesus. His mission. His definition of success and even while their very lives were being threatened they rejoiced. They rejoiced because they knew that they had been given so much, and their salvation and relationship with the LORD can’t be robbed.

Everyday chaos is a far cry from being beaten for your faith, I get that. But maybe it's easier to forget how much beauty there is when it all seems so everyday. We are surrounded with so much that God has put together and, because it is so familiar, we don’t see it for the blessing it is. Take a second and drink it in. Notice the beauty all around you. I promise, you are surrounded with reasons to rejoice.