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An Exercise in Futility

An Exercise in Futility

Pastor Tenny - October 12, 2021

Every year.


Do you do it too?


I call it an exercise in futility.


And it is hard work!


You know. The annual ritual of trying to make something beautiful that has obviously struggled to thrive. Lack of care has led to its demise. And, once again, much effort and expense are poured into bringing it back to life.


It seems futile. But, the annual lawn aeration, fertilization, and over-seeding exercise has been completed…again. Now, we’ll see if change happens.  


Do you do it too?


Every year, in October, I do the same thing. The lawn looks great for about 9 months, then goes dormant (or dies) in the late summer, due to lack of sunlight and/or water. Then, about 3 weeks after the annual Fall over-seeding ritual, it looks great…until it doesn’t…again.


Kind of like our faith life, isn’t it?


Things are going great, until we sin, and separate ourselves from God. We repent. We receive God’s forgiveness. We feel fresh and invigorated as new life sprouts within us and God’s light shines through us…

           …until we die again (spiritually speaking) because of sin. We block out God’s light, thinking more about ourselves and our own pleasures. We forget about the baptismal waters that have showered over us, and instead, turn to our go-it-alone way of doing business.


Do you do it too?


And apparently, this whole sin/punishment/repent/forgiveness/atonement process is not a new thing. As one reads through the Old Testament, it’s obvious that modern culture didn’t invent the process. God’s people have followed this same process for centuries! And we keep repeating it, almost as if we’re trying to perfect it! Sin. Punishment. Repent. Forgiveness…


Do you do it too?


Our regular practice of confessing our sins, asking God for forgiveness, and receiving God’s forgiveness is not an effort in futility. While WE are not perfect, GOD is. And God keeps planting seeds in us, watering and nurturing us, so that we will be full, lush, and healthy servants of God. It’s not an exercise in futility. It’s an exercise that draws us closer to God, a practice that our ancestors in faith have done for centuries.  


I do it. I go through the sin-confess-repent-receive forgiveness process. And, every time I do, I grow in faith and grow closer to God.


Do you do it too?


God never gives up on us.


Maybe I shouldn’t give up on my lawn.


Here’s to growth,

Pastor Tenny