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Affordable Housing!?!?!? How can it be?

Affordable Housing!?!?!? How can it be?

By Amy Daniels - March 19, 2023

Do you make mortgage payments? If so, think about this for a while: Do you know that it is considered a government subsidy because of the tax deduction you receive on interest paid? Do you also know that the amount privileged homeowners receive in deductions could house most of homeless population or those that pay over 30% of their less than living wage income on housing? We here at Christ Lutheran want to look at how we as a congregation can help with the current affordable housing crisis. All options are on the table and we are investigating the possibilities….If you are interested or supportive of work like this, let me know by phone: 704-560-3097 or email: You can join our small group to learn more!

Peace, Amy