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Word of the Year: Anticipation!

Word of the Year: Anticipation!

Pastor Scott - January 8, 2024

Last year at church, we used the Hebrew word, Hineni, as our word of the year.  It means, “Here I am!”  More than just being present and accounted for, Hineni means that I am ready to be sent and used for God’s purposes.

This year? I’m not sure about the word for the church, but my word is “Anticipation!” I am looking forward to all the ways in which God is going to show up, surprise and bless us in the coming year.


I look at the Christmas attendance, up 20% over last year and I anticipate God’s people returning to worship in God’s house with God’s people even more this year.


I look at the five adult classes for Wednesdays Together and six adult classes offered for Sunday School, and I anticipate many more who are eager to be in fellowship with others around God’s Word.


I look at the fully staffed team that I have and the amazing gifts they bring with a deep commitment, and I anticipate what God will do working through the creative efforts and planning this year.


I look at the generosity of this congregation in our giving in 2023 and anticipate this continuing throughout 2024.


I look at how our work at McClintock has returned to near pre-Covid numbers, and I anticipate all the families we have the privilege of serving and getting to

know better.


I look at the new slate of Council members we will vote on at our Annual Meeting on January 28 and the “Big Rock” Goals that they will lay out for 2024.

What is your word for the year? No matter what it is, I would hope that you stand at the start of this new year with great anticipation on how God will show up in your life, surprise you with blessings and draw you nearer to those you love.



Pastor Scott