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Why I Give

Why I Give

Pastor Scott - October 24, 2023

With uncertain markets, war in the Middle East, rising interest rates and company layoffs, everything from the news to the financial planner to my gut says to conserve, hold back, play it safe and protect yourself. So, in the midst of this conventional wisdom and street smarts, why fill out an Intention Card for 2024?

We are not going to give you a tote bag or a coffee cup if you pledge more than $100.

We are not going to put your name on a brick if you commit to more than $1,000.

We are not going to put you on a plaque for platinum sponsors if you give $10,000.

Giving is a very private decision between you and God that together you must make after prayer, reflection and counting your blessings. The Bible says that God loves a cheerful giver. That is, our giving should not be out of obligation or guilt or pressure but a joyful opportunity to return to God, the Giver of all things, a portion of what he has already given us to share with others.

Why do I give to Christ Lutheran? It is very simple. Out of gratitude. This church has been such a place of belonging for my family and me. My most treasured relationships flow from this community. My sense of calling is centered here. My identity as a believer is wrapped up within all we do.

I also deeply believe in our mission:

Furthermore, I see the results. When I sit by the hospital bed, I hear comfort as people walk through the valley of the shadow of death. When I perform baptisms, parents want to provide their children the same foundation they received. When I go to McClintock, I see the test scores rise with those who participate. When I worship, I am surrounded with uplifting voices of praise. When I teach, there is a yearning to know more about the character of God.

If you haven’t experienced other churches, you may not know how special we have it at Christ Lutheran. The sense of community, the heart of generosity, the desire to serve, and the importance of worship are not found everywhere. For these things I am grateful. And for these things, I continue not only to serve but to give to our mission no matter what the nightly news says.

Please join me in returning your Intention Card by October 29 either by putting it into the plate during worship, emailing Gwen ( or pledging online in REALM.