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Thrive Update

Thrive Update

Pastor Scott - November 6, 2023

Ever since worshipping on our Christ South campus, we have worked closely with Thrive, a ministry that provided childcare and education for children with special needs. We provided free space at Christ South, Christ Providence, and Christ Concord. We donated seed money for them to get started. We opened up office space for them to manage the ministry. Even though this was a completely separate ministry with its own finances, board and 501c3 status, there was a kindred partnership to minister to those families.

While such an important ministry tugs at the hearts of everyone, it is one that is difficult to maintain.  The needs of these children are great. Because of the low teacher/student ratio, the cost is expensive.  And the employment of skilled teachers was always a struggle. Ultimately, of recent, Thrive and Christ Lutheran have moved in separate directions for several reasons. The houses located on our Southland were not permitted for such a school. Christ Providence could not offer outdoor play space because of our own Children’s Center. And Christ Concord was limited with its facility.

During the end of October, Thrive moved to a different church in south Charlotte that could accommodate their needs better. And they continue to have a campus in Rock Hill.

We wish them well, and we are thankful that we could provide a space if only for a short time. The needs of these families are great, and the resources are limited.

Blessings to Thrive as they minister to these families!