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I'm a Christian

I'm a Christian

Pastor Ryan - January 15, 2024

Go check out this video

Heartwarming, right? A man finds a woman's purse and delivers it back to the woman's home. She’s not home so he leaves it there. The whole time, in between thanking him profusely, she is trying to reward him. He won’t take a reward. He tells her that he knows what it can be like; his ex-girlfriend lost her purse. We can guess that the stress and anguish she felt made an impression on him and, when he found this woman's unattended purse, he knew the very thing to do to help alleviate her present trauma: return the bag as soon as possible. She badgers him with gratitude so much that he has to give her an excuse why he won’t accept a reward. He says he is a firefighter. That is, he is a man who regularly acts for the well-being of others and this is standard operating procedure for him. He’s a good guy. I would guess that this woman is overjoyed not just in getting her purse back but that it even came back. It is just as likely that someone finds the purse, takes the cash and the cards and pawns whatever is left. 

Imagine if instead of “firefighter” he had said “I’m a Christian.” What if his response was “I don’t need your reward, I already have one from Jesus Christ.” It would have made an impact. If he had said something like that it would have made its way around the internet, as this video did. It could have been a beautiful moment not just for these two but for the whole Body of Christ. 

This is, among other reasons, why we love others as ourselves. We want to spread the joy we already have in our Lord. We want to be the good in the world. And when people encounter such good, our excuse for our actions isn’t that’s how momma raised us, it is to give glory to God. To say I’m just doing as my Lord did. 

When we pray for others, we can take time to think about their life and life-setting and bring blessing into their life. We don’t have to wait for random events and lost purses. We can tune into God and be moved by the Holy Spirit. We can bless them and be for them angels from God. 

I hope you get a chance to bless someone today. Maybe take a second and pray about it.