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8 Days of Service

8 Days of Service

Amy Daniels - August 13, 2023

Find your new thing! Revisit an old thing! Try out several things! 8 Days of Service is an opportunity to serve in our community – a one-time thing or explore to find a new passion. If you are not close to Christ Providence in Charlotte, there are similar agencies in every community. Search for an option like a school that needs volunteers, an agency that serves meals, or collection stations for almost anything you can imagine. My heart for serving others grows the longer I participate, and my faith is grown and challenged along the way … my relationship with God is strengthened and I meet His Holy Spirit everywhere I turn!  

There is one LARGE event: Hunger Fight on Sunday August 27. I need 60-80 people after Traditional Worship and then another 60-80 people after Contemporary. It is a great cross generational activity. Parents and children (mostly over 5 years I would guess), grandparents, all are welcome. An army will package 25,000 meals for our local community. Please help us!


I look forward to hearing some stories of projects that you try. Email me at or call or text me on my cell 704-560-3097. And don’t forget to take pictures!  


Peace, Amy Daniels

Deacon for Outreach