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Stepping Stones Ministry

With each stone we Equip families with opportunities to learn together. Families are Encouraged in worship by publicly blessing each other and we Empower families with tools to continue their faith journey at home.

All of the Stepping Stones from birth through high school are based on the six marks of a disciple: Worship, Prayer, Giving & Serving, Scripture, Fellowship and Sharing the Story.

Preschool Stepping Stones

Elementary Stepping Stones

Middle School Stepping Stones

High School Stepping Stones


Contact Jane Satterfield, 704-366-1595 ext. 124






This event brings the child, parents, extended family and friends together in Holy Baptism. Parents attend a baptismal class to set a date and learn about the theology and service for the sacrament of Holy Baptism.

Godparents for each baptismal candidate present the child for baptism during the service and the parents along with the congregation profess their faith and commitment to help fulfill the baptismal covenant.

In January, there is a celebration for the Anniversary of Baptism for everyone who has been baptized in the past year where parent(s) will bless their child publicly during worship and receive a baptismal medallion.


Worshipping Together (Three Years Old)

This event encompasses the process of how to worship as a family. Parent and child will learn more about the seasons, colors, and symbols of worship in the church year. The child is presented the following Sunday with their First Bible Story Book & Bible Buddy in worship and are blessed by their parent(s).

This Bible Buddy is a small lamb that your child can hold while hearing the stories of God’s love. It serves as a physical reminder that God is always with them, loves them and watches over them.




God’s Story (Second Grade)

Parent and child attend one event in October on God’s Story (the bible) and how to share these stories at home. The kids’ Study Bible is given along with some staff favorite verses and how they apply to their own story.


First Communion (Second Grade)

This stepping stone entails three events during Lent that are used to explore the stories significant to the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. Then the week before Palm Sunday, students are given a Blessing Bowl and instructions for home use and are blessed by their parent/s during worship. First Communion is celebrated on Maundy Thursday.

The three events are:

  • Meaning of the Meal (February)
  • Story Day (March)
  • Livin’ Forgivin’ (March or April)


Christian Foundations (Third – Fifth Grade)

This event Six events for parent and child to attend together over the three years. Events will explore the foundations of the Christian Faith. Children are presented with personalized decorative stones that connect with each event. They use these at home with their Blessing Bowl to continue to talk about faith.

Stepping Stone Event Recommended Grade  Month Offered
Old Testament 3rd Grade September
New Testament 3rd Grade January
Family Service 4th grade October
Ten Commandments 4th Grade November
Prayer & Worship 5th Grade November
Apostles’ Creed 5th Grade April




Confirmation (Sixth – Eighth Grade)

Confirmation is a time when you will explore the baptismal promises your parents made at your baptism. Over the next three years, we will do this together. Then in the fall of your ninth grade year, you will have the opportunity to confirm what you believe. That’s why it is called “Confirmation”.

Having experiences matter. Each new experience shapes us into who we are. Therefore, we have some experiences that we wish you to have over the next three years. 

  • Attend worship on a regular basis
  • Provide leadership in worship a minimum of six times  (Acolyte, Usher, Children Sermons, Crucifer, Liturgical Dance, etc.)
  • Be a part of a small group on Sunday mornings; commit to attending 75% of the time (3 out of 4 times a month)
  • Attend Fall Kick Off for Middle School youth each year.
  • Attend nine Stepping Stone workshops over the three years of Middle School (the last event will take place right before Confirmation in August of your ninth grade year)
  • Attend at least one fellowship event each year (camp, ski retreat, monthly fellowship events)
  • Complete thirty-six hours of service within the church and in the community
  • Faith paper due in the spring of your eighth grade year
  • Interview with a Pastor to discuss your faith paper

While these are minimum requirements, we hope that you will expand on them. They provide opportunities for you to wonder, discover and be passionate about your relationship with God.

The nine Stepping Stone events are designed for you and your parent(s) to attend together in hopes that your parent(s) get a glimpse of your world and you will see how your faith connects to daily life.

Stepping Stone Event Recommended Grade  Month Offered
Ten Commandments 6th Grade September
Prayer 6th Grade January
Apostles Creed 6th Grade April
Drugs/Alcohol 7th Grade October
Media/Technology 7th Grade February
Power 7th Grade May
Sexuality 8th Grade November
World Religions 8th Grade March
Shape 9th Grade Retreat August




Quillow Pattern

Quillow Sending (High School Graduates)

A Quillow is a quilt that folds up into a pillow. (Quilt + Pillow = Quillow). These are made by the student’s parents or a caring adult and given at Quillow Sunday to remind the students that as they leave home and go out into the world, they do not go alone. They are wrapped in the love of God, their family, and of all of us here at Christ Lutheran Church.

To Families of 2017 High School Graduates,

Graduation is fast approaching and Senior year is flying by!  It is time to finalize plans for the “Quillow” Service for our high school graduates.

The Date is June 4, 2017
9:15 Traditional – Blessing in Worship
10:45 Contemporary – Quillow Service
NOTE: We will be on the summer worship schedule as of Memorial Day weekend.


 Preparing for the Event

  • STEP 1: Confirm your plans to participate or not participate as soon as possible by emailing Jane Satterfield.  Include graduate’s full name, high school and plans after graduation
  • STEP 2: Email two pictures of your graduate, one baby picture and one current graduation picture.  PLEASE GET THESE TO JANE BY MAY 3rd, otherwise your graduate’s photos will NOT be in the photo presentation!  Photo presentation: The photos you send will be used in a video display that will be shown at the reception and in worship on Quillow Sunday, June 7th.  This will be made available via email to all of our graduates after Quillow Sunday.
  • STEP 3: Bring the QUILLOW and your student’s bible to the Youth Welcome Desk on Sunday May 31st.->  Make a Quillow for your Graduate: A quillow is a blanket that folds into an easily transported pillow as a reminder of the love of family and church.  The deadline for help in making the quillow is March 1st.   If you need assistance you must call Jane immediately! Bring your Quillow to the Youth Welcome Desk on May 31st to be blessed by the staff.  PLEASE LABEL YOUR  QUILLOW WITH NAME AND TELEPHONE NUMBER.->  Bring the graduate’s bible to be signed:  Bring your graduate’s bible with the Quillow and indicate on a sticky note attached to the bible who on the staff you would like to sign it.  The requested pastors and staff will sign the bible.  All bibles and Quillows will be waiting for you in the Upper Commons so others you invite may sign the bible as well.
  • STEP 4: Bring a display all about your graduate to the Upper Commons on June 7th.  Using a science project board or another means of display, share your graduate’s life events.  Pictures, stories, mementos; whatever you would like to display.  These will be set up in the Upper Commons along with your Quillow and bible.

Morning of the Event

  • 9:15 am – Gather in Upper Commons
    ->  Graduates arrive in graduation cap and gown
    ->  Quillows, Bibles and Display Board are set up by students
  • 9:30 am – Group photo will be taken in Lower Commons
  • 10:00 am – Blessing in Sanctuary
  • 9:30-11:30 Reception for graduate families and CLC members-Lower Commons
  • 10:30 am – Graduates line up for procession into Sanctuary
  • 10:45 am – Quillow Sunday Worship Celebration and Blessing
    ->  Graduates will process in on opening song along with photo presentation
    ->  Graduates will sit with their family after the service begins
    ->  Graduates will be celebrated during the 10:45 service

The photo presentation along with the group photo will be emailed to you in June.  DVDs will be available upon request.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact Jane Satterfield. We look forward to this celebration and want to make this a special memory for your family and friends.