Sermon Notes

Luke 24:1-11                      April 20, 2014

An Idle Tale?

Pastor Scott Suskovic


I. Introduction

A. How would you have written the Easter story?

1. Who would have been at the tomb?

2. What would you have seen?

3. What would have been the response?

B. “the women told the disciples but they did not believe them because their words seem to them an idle tale.”

Confirmands: What do you wish was included in the Easter story?



II. Why Was Easter Written This Way?

A. Dull witted disciples, mistaken women, no Jesus?

B. Flakey, forgetful, fallen, fearful and  faithless.

C. Just like today

D. St. Luke’s message to us today

Confirmands: To whom is the story written?



III. Tell Me The Story, One More Time

A. A Holy Moment

1. Can I stop?

2. Is it real?

B. The purity and child like faith of the Easter Story.

Confirmands: Main point of the sermon?