Sermon Notes

John 3                               Aug. 24, 2014

Worth The Effort:

WHY We Share Our Faith

Pastor Scott Suskovic


I. Video: A Simple Invitation

Confirmands: Who have you invited to church?


II. Worth the Effort


III. The Condition of Humanity (circle one)

A. People are basically good

What do we need in a God?


B. People are basically good but make mistakes

What do we need in a God?


C. People are messed up and make a lot of bad choices

What do we need in a God?


D. People are fallen and in bondage to sin

What do we need in a God?


IV. Luther, Calvin, Paul and Jesus All Agree on the Condition of Humanity


V. A Short Story of the World

The real question is not “How can God allow for only one way” but rather, “How can God allow ANY way?”


VI. For God so Loved ME that he gave his only son. . .

A. Come and See

B. It is worth the effort!