Sermon Notes

March 22, 2015                                      Pastor Drew Goodson

 Covenant with Jeremiah –

“Come Home, It’s Suppertime”


“Jesus spread the Gospel not through force, but through __________”

I. What are you hungry for?

A. Choices, choices

B. “You are what you eat”…spells trouble

II. Who was Jeremiah?

A. Prophets – Nutrition experts for the Soul

B. The ugly, the bad, and the good

C. Hope for those who have hit Rock Bottom

III. The New Covenant

A. Found in the Future

B. Focused on the Inside

C. Forgive and Forget

IV. Come Home, its Suppertime – The Gift of the Lord’s Supper

 A. Covenant you can consume

 B. “You are what you eat”…spells abundant life!

C. Leaving the Table, Living in Christ


What is one way you plan to live as a member of Christ’s Body this week?


Confirmand Question: Is this covenant one-sided or two-sided?