Sermon Series

Refreshing Faith

Summertime is a season of refreshment.  Cool mountains.  Sunny beaches.  Summer reading.  Change of pace.  School break.  Late evenings.  Can it also be a time for the soul?  As refreshing as a splash of cool water is on a hot, summer day, the book of Romans awakens the soul with a reminder of God’s grace, his unmistakable presence, the gift of baptism and the life worth living.  Bring your Bibles and a pen to worship this summer as we return to the refreshing water found deep within the Book of Romans.


June 11       What About the Innocent One Who Has Never Heard of Jesus?

We begin our summer study on the book of Romans with a basic question: “What about the innocent person who has never heard of Jesus?  What happens to them?”  The answer that comes from Paul may surprise you–such a person does not exist!     Romans 1:16-23; Psalm 19:1-6;


June 18        We Are All in This Together

It is true that we all have unique gifts and individual tastes.  When God made each one of us, he literally broke the mold.  There has never been nor will there ever be anyone just like you.  And yet with all of our complexity and individuality, there is one thing that we all hold in common. . .a deep need for forgiveness and mercy.        Romans 3:19-31;


June 25         Experience Homecoming Concert


July 2            Rejoice in our Suffering?

Most of us try to avoid pain and suffering as much as possible.  But when tragedy strikes and the initial pain and grief ensues, can you get to the point of doing the extraordinary thing that Paul teaches—to rejoice in your suffering?  How can that be?     Romans 5:1-11


July 9            The Power of Baptism

What actually happens in baptism?  Is it a human ritual that may be filled with meaning but remains largely symbolic?  In teaching of this sacrament, Paul speaks of it being a personal death and resurrection that we may actually die to our sins in order to rise to walk in the newness of faith.    Romans 6:1-11


July 16          But I Keep On Messing Up!

We would like to think that once we become a Christian that every day we would sin less and less.  We may not reach perfection, at least not on this side of Paradise, but as an older and mature Christian we would hope to get better and better.  So why do I keep on messing up?      Romans 7:15-25


July 23          Nothing Can Separate You

It’s one of the most beautiful passages in the Bible—nothing can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus.  With this reassurance, Paul reminds us that even in our darkest days, filled with doubt and feeling abandoned, that God’s presence, God’s promises and God’s power remain true and constant.    Romans 8:31-39


July 30          The Plan

In chapters 9-11 Paul carefully lays out the complex and divine plan of salvation that includes his election, the preservation of the remnant and his ultimate desire to draw all people unto himself.  It is a plan that is for the world but with special emphasis on you.     Romans 10:9-17


August 6       Nonconformists Unite!

There is a constant tug of war at work in our lives.  The world urges us to conform to its way of thinking, acting, dressing, achieving, speaking, etc.  But it is God’s command not to conform to the ways of this world but instead, be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  For as we think, so shall we act and live.     Romans 12:1-5


August 13     Living in Harmony 

It’s not as easy as Paul makes it sound; get along with one another!  We may not be able to change the thinking or the actions of others, but we can surely have some control over our own lives.  Therefore, Paul advises, as far as it depends on you, living in harmony with one another.     Romans 12:9-21


August 20     The Role of Government

What is the responsibility of the Christian to the rules of government?  Are we to obey the government blindly or do we have some responsibility to oppose it on issues of conscience?  Paul’s bold words on the role of government are particularly troublesome in light of the oppressive nature of the Rome’s iron fisted control of the Jews.     Romans 13:1-7


August 27     Don’t Judge

When we are commanded not to judge, does that mean we must remain silent on issues of human rights, morality and improper actions?  When does a righteous indignation or a faithful opposition cross the line and become judgmental?     Romans 14:1-12


September 3 An Example to Others

They are watching, aren’t they?  Your neighbors, your family, your coworkers, even that waitress taking care of you at brunch after church.  They are watching to see if our actions mirror our words; our words mirror our beliefs; our beliefs mirror our God.  Be careful.  They are watching.     Romans 15:1-9