Sermon Notes

Pastor Scott Suskovic                                June 14, 2015


Comfort, Hope and Promise

 I. Overview of the Series

A. Who is saved? (May 31)

B. God’s plan for my life (June 7)

C. God’s will and suffering (June 14)


II. How We Usually Respond to Tragedy

A. “Everything happens for a purpose”

1. Sometimes. . .?

2. God causing vs. God using suffering

3. The broken shards of a mosaic

B. Freak Accidents

1. Chaos governs the world

2. Nothing makes sense

3. A God worthy to worship

C. Nonsense

1. Don’t know what to say

2. Are there magic words?

D. The Presence of God. The Presence of You.


III. Healing

A. The healing begins when the __________ end

1. Example of Job

2. Healing comes not with an answer but with a Savior

B. Predestination

1. Comfort: I am here

2. Hope: I make all things new

3. Promise: I am the resurrection and the life