Why Concord?

This Sunday, July 16, you’ll have two opportunities to ask questions and hear more about the possibility of adding a third campus to Christ Lutheran. You can do so at 10:10 am in Center Six or 12:00 pm in the Sanctuary.

As a lead up to these gatherings, here are the top 5 reasons why I personally am excited about the possibility of adding a third campus of Christ Lutheran in Concord, NC.

  1. Explosive growth. A recent study by WalletHub found that Concord, NC is the ninth fastest growing city in the United States and the 3rd fastest growing small city in the country. Wow! Makes me think of Jesus who said, “The harvest is plentiful.”
  2. Adolphus Nussmann. This one is fun. Did you know the first Lutheran pastor to ever serve in NC, Pastor Adolphus Nussmann, was in Concord? He arrived in 1773 and served five churches from Salisbury to Concord and started 20 new congregations in the area. We would be continuing a long history of expanding Christ’s kingdom.
  3. Great Potential. In mid-June, I had the opportunity to guest preach at  Family of Faith Lutheran, the congregation we are considering merging with. They have an attractive building, a prime location surrounded by schools, neighborhoods and businesses, and a hunger to grow. I could feel it.
  4. The name, Concord. Another fun one. Is the city pronounced Con “Chord” or Con “Curd”? One news reporter who studied the pronunciation of cities, towns, and counties in NC supported the Con “Chord” route. Either way, the word Concord means peace, harmony. It’s what Jesus calls us to be about.
  5. A New Style. There are two other Lutheran congregations in Concord, St. James and Calvary, the church where I was confirmed. Both are much larger and both do traditional worship and do it well. I think there is a need for a Lutheran church that offers a more contemporary expression of worship, a style that Christ Lutheran knows a thing or two about, and this could be it.

Those are some of the reasons that have me excited, but I hope you’ll come to the Town Hall meetings this Sunday to learn more. Come and see!

In faith,

Pastor Drew





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  1. Yes! to all of those!! I’m so excited for this!

    And the locals say Con “Chord”. The other version is in NH. 🙂

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