What a Great Celebration!

I love Easter Weekend.

I love being with those young children receiving their first communion on Maundy Thursday.  With great eagerness and anticipation, they have been waiting their whole lives to come to the Lord’s table

I love Good Friday with the darkening of the sanctuary, symbolic of sin’s presence in this world and God’s response to it on the cross.

I love the Saturday Easter Egg Hunt at Christ South with upwards to 1000 people showing up at Polo Ridge Elementary School.  It took three trips to the store for more eggs!

And what’s not to love about Easter morning?  The large gathering of the people, the beautifully decorated sanctuary, the triumphant music, the greatest story ever told and even donut holes in the Lower Commons.

I love Easter Weekend.  Would you please comment below what was your favorite part?

This year, our attendance surpassed last year’s by almost 15%!

Sonrise:                   75

Traditional             637

The Bridge            354

Christ South          168

Contemporary      1031

Total                    2265

And what’s more, since we have been using Facebook Live for worship viewing, our site has blown up with an additional 821 watching on-line there and 768 watching the livestream from the website…and that’s on Easter Sunday!  On Good Friday, 796 watched on Facebook Live and 207 from the website.

Did I tell you I love Easter?

Thank you for a wonderful place, filled with the Spirit, to celebrate the gift of the Resurrection.  Surely, God is in the place, changing lives with the message of hope and grace.

He Is Risen!

He Is Risen, Indeed!

Pastor Scott

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  1. Maybe it’s just a positive sign of the aging process, but each Easter brings me closer to the ultimate Easter…maybe it is the crowd…maybe it is the flowers…and the preaching and the family gathering for the ultimate dinner..and the memories of past family dinners that will one day happen again..for me, that’s why my shoulders went back and my head was raised as-with trumpet and tympanny. and with Mark pulling out all the Stops on the organ – we sang ” Thine Is the Glory, Risen Conquering Conquering Son!” but NO maybes- it is all of these gifts coming together as the gift of the Resurrection-thanks be to God!

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