Sermon Notes

2.Mark 5                                             May 1, 2016

She Stood Strong

Pastor Scott Suskovic

I. Sermon Series: She Stood Strong

Confirmands: Who has inspired your faith?
II. The Woman with Bleeding

  1. Religiously and socially considered  UNCLEAN
  2. The spiral downwards of poverty
  3. Her desperation


III. Mr. Willie Pinson and Freedom School
IV. Weaving the Red Thread of the Three Healing Stories

  1. All three were _________________

2.All three came to Jesus _____________

a. Jairus: Imperfect _________

b. Woman: Imperfect _______

c. Blind: Imperfect _________

3. Jesus came to them ________________

a. To Jairus

b. To the woman

c. To the blind men

V. Conclusion

  1. Despite our imperfections, Jesus comes to us with his perfect grace
  2. Freedom School operates under that same model


Confirmands: What is the main point of the sermon?










Iv. Set Free to Serve

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”