You don’t want to hear it!  I can’t believe it’s almost time! We need to start preparing for——SCHOOL!!!  Yes, school will start back in a few short weeks. The school supply aisles in stores remind you of Black Friday sales but adorned with happy parents with reluctant kids by their sides.  Parents and kids sort through new backpacks, new clothing, new pencils and sharpeners, markers and crayons. Oh, preparing for the dreaded first day comes with stomachs of anguish mixed with just a tad of excitement.

Not only do we need to prepare our students with new clothing and supplies but also by getting them back into the routine of the early morning schedule. Yes, all summer long they were able to sleep as much as they wanted, waking up early only on those wonderful days of camp. But for the most part they enjoyed sleeping late and staying up late.  Now with summer coming to an end, we need to prepare our student to get up before the sun to get dressed, eat breakfast and catch the bus all before the rooster crows (that is if we had a rooster.)

We spend hours, sometime days, preparing for this new time of educational growth we hope for our children. We take all this time preparing just to start a new school year, yet rarely do we think about the preparation we can make for our spiritual life or the spiritual life of our children. How can we take these next few weeks and prepare not only to start school but prepare our hearts and minds for spiritual growth? How can we prepare for educational and spiritual growth?

Here is the thing about our spiritual growth, it is God’s work in us, with us. God is constantly at work in us and calls us to participate in that growth.  As part of the great commission, Jesus calls us to GO and make disciples.  It’s our calling, and it starts with us being grown into disciples ourselves. So making disciples begins with the one in the mirror. Each of us have been given the Holy Spirit in Baptism, and are being grown and molded through and by the Spirit. God is at work, in you AND with you.

Like any good time of preparation, you can participate in God’s work by setting goals, planning and taking one step at a time. First, set a goal. The only way I accomplish anything is if I set it as a goal for myself. This can be something as simple as praying as a family, going to worship more often or serving the community. Next, make a plan. Look up places to service, mark your calendar and every time you are well and in town you plan on going to worship and think of times in your day to pray. Most importantly, the biggest hurdle to accomplishing anything is taking the first step. Together let’s prepare to grow in our faith this year, and together we can take that first step…and second… and third!!!

Ephesians 2:10

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them


Pastor Melody

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