I’m Sad…

I am sad.  I’m grieving for the people of England who have endured recent terrorist attacks.  And not just England, but the people of Belgium, Germany, France, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United States, Egypt, and many African countries, who have also suffered attacks.

I’m sad, hurting for the people who, because of senseless acts, have lost people they love.

I’m sad that I can’t do more to stop it.

I’m sad that some people feel killing others will somehow bring them satisfaction, joy, or reward.

God tells us in the fifth commandment that we shall not kill.  Martin Luther takes this commandment even farther in his Small Catechism, saying, “We should fear and love God that we may not hurt nor harm our neighbor in his body, but help and befriend him in every bodily need [in every need and danger of life and body].”

I’m sad…until I remember that I have a confirmation interview this afternoon.  We may discuss this commandment, or others.  We’ll talk about the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles Creed.  I’ll get to hear about his faith story.  We’ll talk about doubts and fears, about God and where he sees God at work in others, what he’s learned, what he hopes to learn about God…

This interview will boost my spirits, as they all do.  I’ll be reminded that, while I cannot single-handedly bring peace to all parts of the world, I CAN help share God’s peace with a confirmand, with his family, with people in my community, with people in my church, within my own family, and within my heart.

I’ll promote peace in ways that I can, and trust and pray that God will help bring peace in ways that only He can.

Peace to each of you,

Pastor Tenny

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