What is FUEL?  If you have been around any of the high school youth at Christ Lutheran or Christ South, you may have heard that word.  It is the name given to the high school youth ministry.  It is the name of one youth group driven by the four letters that make up the word FUEL.  It is the word, thanks to Ryan Carter, my partner in ministry, the youth at Christ Lutheran have started to grasp a hold of.  It is the word that the youth at Christ South are starting to hear and that has created a strong yearning to be a part of this group.  It is simply FUEL for Christ Youth.  As for the four letters that make up the word, we have created an acronym  and we want you to know what is it.

F stands for Fellowship in God’s world; building a community of believers.

U stands for Understanding God’s world.  God created this world for a certain purpose and we want youth to understand what that is.

E stands for Experiencing God’s world.  The world he wants for us is different in ways than the one we live in.

L stands for Leading in God’s world.  We are called to be disciples in this world.  How do we help shape the world around us?


Along with the word FUEL, we have focused on two Bible verses that we hope the youth will grasp a hold of to help them understand how important a role they play in God’s world and in our church.  The first is 1st Timonthy 4:12 which says “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity”.  The second verse is Jeremiah 20:9 which says “His word burns in my heart like a fire.  It is like a fire in my bones.  I cannot hold it in any longer.”  The first verse is  focused on youth; Ryan and I want the youth to know above all else that youth can make a huge impact in this world.  They can be examples when they walk the hallways of their schools, working at their jobs or just hanging with their friends.  God has given a gift to each one of them.  As for the second verse, we want youth to understand that since they were born, their has been a fire in their heart and it has grown throughout the years; we hope that fire now becomes a fire that is burning not only in their hearts, but in everything they do.  We have a great group of high school youth between Christ Lutheran and Christ South and we know that God has great plans for all of them;  one youth group centered on Christ. They are FUEL for us all!

In Christ,

Jeff Taylor
Christ South Youth Director


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